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Growing up in a wonderful family of farmers and cooks, I had no choice other than to become a chef. It’s this background that has shaped my career and my cooking philosophy which is Simple ingredients, beautifully prepared.

Cod Stifado – Greek Fish Stew

If you see "stifado" on a menu in Greece it could be beef, lamb, fish or chicken.  And most likely it will have tomato sauce and herbs in it.  I like to make my fish stifado with cod since cod is a firm fleshed fish.

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Steel Cut Oats 2 Ways

I think a lot of people don’t enjoy steel cut oats as often as they like because of how long they take to cook, about 20 minutes with frequent stirring. There are lots of ways to make this easier, and I’ve tried most of them.

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A New Birthday Tradition

Claire's 21st birthday was a year ago in NYC where she was living at the time. She had a fabulous birthday at a hotel in NYC enjoying her first legal cocktail by the pool on the hotel roof, not too shabby! But she missed the California right of passage of going to Napa for a wine tasting.

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When the Going Gets Tough…Greek Style

Cooking without recipes is so freeing, the food is truly yours, and it allows you to add herbs, or spices, and other ingredients to see how they change the character of the dish.

Easter and Greek Easter Ideas

Greek and "American" Easter are on the same date this year, Sunday, April 16. I love Easter, it's my favorite holiday because it means we're heading into my favorite seasons, spring and summer. Growing up Greek had the bonus of getting two Easters most years, and more importantly, double candy. I've provided two [...]

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