Zoom Breakfast Pizza

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Dorothy preparing pizza with a Zoom meeting in the background.

My east coast relatives know how to have a good time!  During this time of limited access to the world they have been creating fun, innovative Zoom calls.  It started with a wedding shower, then morphed into a book club followed by a cooking class. The theme of our most recent call was cooking pizzas on Zoom.  We were all invited to create our ultimate personal pizza.  One attendee had great technique throwing the dough like a pro!  Two participants used a Weight Watchers recipe for a pizza shell that is comprised of Greek yogurt and flour.  Another used crescent rolls as the base for their pizza.  Toppings included roasted vegetables, clams, bacon, and of course, lots and lots of cheese! Since the call took place at 10AM on the west coast I created the Zoom Breakfast Pizza.

Luckily, I was able to “borrow” yeast from my neighbors so I could make the dough.  In order to not feel overwhelmed by having a pizza ready by 10AM, I made the dough the night before.  Allow it to come to room temperature for about an hour before using.

Spring garlic is in season along with small tender leeks. I sliced them thin and sautéed them in olive oil with a splash of white wine until tender and sweet.  I dotted the dough with ricotta cheese and slices of smoked mozzarella and brightened it with cherry tomatoes.  I served it with fried eggs, but that’s optional.

With both the dough and sautéed vegetables done the night before I was able to assemble the pizza and bake it in about 30 minutes which makes it a good option for a weekend breakfast.

Dorothy's pizza with cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fennel and ricotta
Dorothy's breakfast pizza with fresh mozzarella, ricotta, cherry tomatoes, leeks & spring garlic
Dorothy's pizza with cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and ricotta baked and topped with 2 fried eggs.
Dorothy's breakfast pizza with cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, ricotta, leeks, fresh garlic, topped with 2 fried eggs.
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