About Dorothy

I believe in real food and real ingredients.  I believe in the highest quality food I can find with a focus on local, sustainable, ethically raised and harvested.  I believe in home cooking and inviting people to come and gather around the table to share a meal and to share stories.  I believe in dining in a state of grace for the food before me, the nourishment it provides and the joy it brings.

Or to quote Paul Prudhomme, “It’s simple, we just want to make your dinner better!”.

And M.F.K Fisher, “Since we are forced to nourish ourselves why not do it with all possible skill….and ever-increasing enjoyment.”

My Story

When I was a kid, as soon as I was tall enough to reach the stove, I used to wake up before the family, create a menu-with prices, set the table, put on an apron and this silly hat and pretend I had my own restaurant and insist my family “order” their breakfasts.  If they did not wake up timely, I woke them up so I could begin my shift.  My dad would leave me penny tips and so my career in food was launched.

Food has been my driving passion and obsession my entire life.  I entertained friends and created parties my entire childhood and started working in Food Services when I was still in high school.  Over the course of my career I have waited tables, cooked, and baked my way around both coasts.  I have written for magazines, taught cooking classes, worked as a personal chef, owned a restaurant, and catered for over thirty years.  And still my delicious muse calls me.

On the pages of this blog I will share what I know by offering my readers the option of sending their cooking questions which I will answer within 48 hours.

I hope you can join  me at my virtual table and together we can explore my latest obsession with an ingredient, seasoning, or texture.  I will also share my favorite cookbooks, products, and ingredients. Together we will make the best meals ever.

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