Dorothy Calimeris – Author, Chef & Wellness Coach

My name is Dorothy Calimeris. I’m an Author, Chef & Wellness Coach, with many years of  food blogging under my apron. I love what I do – especially when I can share my passion for food with others.

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I’m a Certified Wellness Coach

As the author of three anti-inflammatory cookbooks (including a best-seller!), I know the power of a whole foods diet. But personal experience taught me how difficult lifestyle changes can be. That’s what motivated me to combine my passion for food and cooking with the training necessary to become a Wellness Coach.

I’ve now expanded my food and recipe blog to include help for people who are ready to make themselves well, but are struggling with how to start and what to do to maintain their new lifestyle. I work with them to learn what works best for their body and lifestyle, so they can age well and stay active. 

Ready to get on your own path to improved health, and a better quality of life? Together we’ll make it happen!

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Recent Articles from My Blog

  • Jar of figs in extra virgin olive oil

Figs in Olive Oil

Recently my cousin Lyn sent me an Instagram post about the many health benefits of eating figs in olive oil.  This is an ancient remedy which is believed to help create clear skin and cure digestive issues. 

  • Certification seal for anti-inflammatory wellness coaching

Wellness Coaching With Dorothy

My love for cooking and food are available to you through my Wellness Coaching programs. Take your first step towards a healthier lifestyle!

  • 2 Chèvre Puffs on a white plate

Seasonal Summer Dinner Menu

My seasonal summer dinner menu includes chevre puffs, steak with chimichurri sauce over fresh corn and zucchini, topped off with cherry Clafoutis for dessert.

  • Pan fried salmon with pancetta roasted vegetables.

A Classic Dinner Menu

Salmon with Roasted Vegetables and Chocolate Soufflé When I was in high school a classmates told a group of us about summer jobs at Mills College.  I jumped at the opportunity since I [...]

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I’m Dorothy: Author, Chef & Wellness Coach

Growing up in a wonderful family of farmers and cooks, I had no choice other than to become a chef. My childhood was my own personal Greek festival, weekends spent at the farm exploring the agricultural wonders surrounded by cousins, eating produce off the vine or branch, dancing, singing, and feasting.  It is this background that has shaped my career and cooking philosophy which is, beautiful ingredients, simply prepared.

In addition to creating a restaurant in my mother’s kitchen at age 6, I cooked and baked my way around both coasts and returne