Dorothy Calimeris – Author, Chef & Wellness Coach

My name is Dorothy Calimeris. I’m an Author, Chef & Wellness Coach, with many years of  food blogging under my apron. I love what I do – especially when I can share my passion for food with others.

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I’m a Certified Wellness Coach

As the author of three anti-inflammatory cookbooks (including a best-seller!), I know the power of a whole foods diet. But personal experience taught me how difficult lifestyle changes can be. That’s what motivated me to combine my passion for food and cooking with the training necessary to become a Wellness Coach.

I’ve now expanded my food and recipe blog to include help for people who are ready to make themselves well, but are struggling with how to start and what to do to maintain their new lifestyle. I work with them to learn what works best for their body and lifestyle, so they can age well and stay active. 

Ready to get on your own path to improved health, and a better quality of life? Together we’ll make it happen!

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  • Dorothy preparing pizza with a Zoom meeting in the background.

Cooking Breakfast Pizza On Zoom

My east coast relatives know how to have a good time!  During this time of limited access to the world they have been creating fun, innovative Zoom calls. Of course, we take the opportunity to cook together!

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Shortbread: My Favorite Cookie available on Amazon.
The anti-inflammatory one-pot cookbook cover
The Complete Anti-Infammatory Diet For Beginners book cover
The Anti-Infammatory Diet & Action Plans book cover.
The Anti-Infammatory 5 Day Menu For One book cover.

I’m Dorothy: Author, Chef & Wellness Coach

Growing up in a wonderful family of farmers and cooks, I had no choice other than to become a chef. My childhood was my own personal Greek festival, weekends spent at the farm exploring the agricultural wonders surrounded by cousins, eating produce off the vine or branch, dancing, singing, and feasting.  It is this background that has shaped my career and cooking philosophy which is, beautiful ingredients, simply prepared.

In addition to creating a restaurant in my mother’s kitchen at age 6, I cooked and baked my way around both coasts and returned to the Bay Area to open my own restaurant and catering company called Bombar’s.  We closed the catering company in 2008 and I have been writing, teaching cooking, developing recipes, and consulting ever since.

As an author and chef, I have published three cookbooks available in my Amazon Shop. Two on anti-inflammatory diets, and one on the health benefits of Mediterranean eating.  To learn more about my professional background find me on Linked In.

All my training and life experience has taught me one fundamental truth: good health comes from moving every day, and eating delicious whole, clean and real food. It’s that simple. But simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy. Recently, I have received a certification in Wellness Coaching. I’d be happy to set up a complimentary call with you to discuss your situation. Contact me to find out if Wellness Coaching is right for you.

I love to spend my days thinking about what to eat next and am happy to take you along for the journey. I hope you enjoy the stories in my food blog and the recipes in my portfolio. I would love to hear from you as you try them. Feel free to contact me, or comment on the individual posts. I try to respond fairly quickly.

Kali Orexi!  (Healthy Appetit!)

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Before I started working with Dorothy (for Wellness Coaching), I had basically good eating and food habits, preparing most of my meals.  No real consideration of how food was making me feel. But I was experiencing a lot of joint pain, and taking ibuprofen regularly to soften the discomfort.  I assumed the pain was part of aging.

After working with Dorothy, I feel dramatically better.  She suggested an anti-inflammatory diet, and helped me develop awareness of how my body reacts to different foods.  And how to find pleasure in the meals that nurture my body. I had no idea my diet could so profoundly influence the way I feel.


Hello Dorothy and Sondi!

I bought your Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Action Plans book from Barnes and Noble before the holidays and let me just tell you how it has really made me exciting about cooking! I am 28 and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at 22, and this book makes cooking nutritious meals that are good for my body so easy it feels like magic! My boyfriend and I refer to your book as “The Book” because everything we have made from it has been incredibly delicious and it makes us so excited to cook together. Our favorite was the Garlic Mustard Lamb Chops.

Thank you so much for putting together such an informative and easy to follow cookbook, I will be cooking out of it for years to come!

Jillian Chong, Seattle, WA, Sent in via email

Hi Dorothy!
I was diagnosed with Graves disease early this summer. In order to best take care of myself (better than before as I was eating fairly clean, exercising, etc.), I began an adapted elimination diet/anti inflammatory diet. I checked out your cookbook (The Anti inflammatory Cookbook, with food plans) from my local library. I have looked at many recipes online and also other cookbooks geared to autoimmune conditions. Your book, thus far, has the best variety and good tasting recipes. They are relatively easy, use common ingredients and are delicious.

Thank you for your efforts in publishing the cookbook. It has made my search for tasty, wholesome, anti inflammatory foods much easier! I even recommended your book to my nutritionist.

Good luck in your future endeavors, especially in the food and cooking world!

Krista Stewart, Ridgway, CO, Sent in via Instagram