Heilala Vanilla

Vanilla is my favorite flavor in the world.  Whenever I want to know how good a pastry chef or baker is, I try anything they've made showcasing vanilla.

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Cheese and Herb Star Bread

As you can tell, I LOVE Food 52, I’m not kidding.  I’ve even sent them fan letters!  So when I saw this recipe I stopped dead in my tracks!  It looked so interesting and delicious that I HAD to know what it tasted like, and what magic I needed in order to make something [...]

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Blue Apron

Oh the plight of the college student!  Being broke and having to feed yourself on top of working and classes is quite challenging.  This semester Claire decided to try Blue Apron.  Blue Apron is a service that offers prepped food for you to cook.  When you sign up with them you let [...]

Bellanico Inspired Dinner

Last week I went with a dear friend to Bellanico for dinner.  She works in SF and lives in Oakland and Park Blvd. is on her way home so it was an easy location to meet at.  Bellanico is in my neighborhood and Claire and I often would go there for impromptu dinners [...]

East Coast Dining

Last weekend I visited Claire in her new apartment in NYC...well sorta new, she's lived there since August. We had four days of great meals, lots of fun. We also experienced annoying rain in the face and scary windy moments during the weekend thanks to hurricane Joaquin! Between the plane ride and the [...]

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Greece Part 2 Crete

Greece has my heart and Crete has my soul.  I LOVE Crete.  My mother’s family is from Crete and I’ve spent more time there than anywhere.  Crete is a big island with a lot to do and see and for some odd reason a place that is not visited by Americans that much.  When I [...]

Greece – Athens

For my daughters high school graduation she asked for one present, for the two of us to go to Greece.  Claire’s first trip to Greece and my fifth.  I thought that was a fabulous idea because I wanted her to know where her family came from.  On her father’s side Claire has Italian, Scottish and [...]

Pressure Cooker Asian-Style Beef Ribs

Ok, the actual recipes says Asian-Style Boneless Beef Ribs, but they didn't have any boneless ones in the market today, so I made them with bone in.  And really, where's the harm? Having the bones in meat adds so much flavor.  This is the second recipe I've tried out of Pressure Cooker Perfection by [...]

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