When the Going Gets Tough…Greek Style

Cooking without recipes is so freeing, the food is truly yours, and it allows you to add herbs, or spices, and other ingredients to see how they change the character of the dish.

Greek Cookies

Greek Cookies COMING SOON My mother was a fabulous baker and some of my favorite childhood memories are working with her in the kitchen shaping oodles and oodles of cookies for weddings and christenings.  I would grab the step stool and drag it by her side, scramble to the top seat and position myself [...]

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Ksadelfi Visit!

Bet you haven't heard that word before! That's Greek for (female) cousin and last week I invited a bunch of my cousins over, and as is typical, it's the girl cousins who came. I made kalitsunia (ricotta filled fried turnovers), butternut squash gratin, galactobouriko (custard filo dessert), kalouria (simple cookie), and cinnamon iced tea and my lovely [...]

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Eating Greek

My nieces came over for dinner yesterday.  It was dinner and Skype day, a way for us to all visit with Claire.  I always let them choose what they'd like to eat and they requested Greek, so this time I did an easy Greek family dinner.  The kind of dinner we had often growing [...]

Greece Part 2 Crete

Greece has my heart and Crete has my soul.  I LOVE Crete.  My mother’s family is from Crete and I’ve spent more time there than anywhere.  Crete is a big island with a lot to do and see and for some odd reason a place that is not visited by Americans that much.  When I [...]

Greece – Athens

For my daughters high school graduation she asked for one present, for the two of us to go to Greece.  Claire’s first trip to Greece and my fifth.  I thought that was a fabulous idea because I wanted her to know where her family came from.  On her father’s side Claire has Italian, Scottish and [...]

Walnut Cookies

Several of us daughters of the Dimotakis family have birthdays in January and February, and those of us who live close to each other have made it our tradition to get together during our birthday months to have lunch or dinner at Kokkari, our favorite local Greek restaurant and today was the day.  Typically [...]

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