Carmel by the Sea 2017

I have a fondness for Carmel-by-the-Sea and try to go at least twice a year.  It's such a quaint little town, so predictable in it's pricy boutiques and gift shops with pretty flower boxes and immaculate side walks.  Another predictable thing about Carmel is a number of really good restaurants.

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A New Birthday Tradition

Claire's 21st birthday was a year ago in NYC where she was living at the time. She had a fabulous birthday at a hotel in NYC enjoying her first legal cocktail by the pool on the hotel roof, not too shabby! But she missed the California right of passage of going to Napa for a wine tasting.

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5 Reasons I like Being Greek

1.     Almost no one has my exact name. In spite of the popularity of the Wizard of Oz while I grew up, almost no one was named Dorothy…and even fewer are named Dorothy Calimeris.  Calimeris is so uncommon that in the Bay Area the only Calimeris’s are my family.  Makes life less [...]

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East Coast Dining

Last weekend I visited Claire in her new apartment in NYC...well sorta new, she's lived there since August. We had four days of great meals, lots of fun. We also experienced annoying rain in the face and scary windy moments during the weekend thanks to hurricane Joaquin! Between the plane ride and the [...]

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Greece Part 2 Crete

Greece has my heart and Crete has my soul.  I LOVE Crete.  My mother’s family is from Crete and I’ve spent more time there than anywhere.  Crete is a big island with a lot to do and see and for some odd reason a place that is not visited by Americans that much.  When I [...]

Greece – Athens

For my daughters high school graduation she asked for one present, for the two of us to go to Greece.  Claire’s first trip to Greece and my fifth.  I thought that was a fabulous idea because I wanted her to know where her family came from.  On her father’s side Claire has Italian, Scottish and [...]

Quick Trip to Carmel

I just LOVE living in California.  There’s an endless stream of weekend get-away’s that can take you from snow to the dessert to the ocean.  This weekend we chose the ocean.  Claire and I had a quick overnight in Carmel.  We left Sunday and checked in at the Homestead Inn which is the sister [...]

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Strolling through Murphy’s

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blogging front this week and that’s because I spent last weekend at a friend’s cabin in Arnold which is just outside of Murphy’s CA.  For those of you unfamiliar with the area Murphy’s is on HWY 4 about 133 miles east of Oakland.  It’s close enough to get [...]

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