The Final Cooking Class

We started with tasting salts and sugars and we ended with spices and a brunch.  The semester flew by and we had our last class this past Friday.  We ended up combining two topics.  I wanted to touch upon spices, show everyone how easy and economical it is to make a spice rub.  By [...]

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More from the Cooking Class

We had several non cooking classes after our class on Pasta.  We were very lucky to have Ronna Kabatznick, the author of The Zen of Eating come and conduct a class.  Ronna took us through the stages of mindful eating and posed some interesting questions for us to explore about our relationship with food.  [...]

Cooking Class # 6 Pasta

Last Friday the topic of the day was pasta.  It's a great topic, one that everyone can participate in and like Pizza really get their hands in some dough.  I chose two recipes.  The first was Pasta Aglio Olio, a quick satisfying classic dish and the second was Spinach Pasta with Mushrooms and Fennel.  [...]

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Chocolate Soufflé

And Class #5 Hmmmm....chocolate!  Even the word sounds rich and round and satisfying.  Chocolate came up frequently on the survey I sent to students before the cooking class began.  We devoted one class to it, but in fact we could have devoted a whole semester to it.  Chocolate is a very complex subject matter [...]

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Cooking Class Continued

Class # 2 - Paella I took a survey of students prior to the class to see what folks wanted to learn.  Many people said they wanted to learn more about seafood so I chose Paella as our topic since it would allow me an opportunity to discuss many food related things [...]

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Ah Sugar….

The cooking class that I’m teaching at Mills College started today.  I devoted the first class to tasting different salts, sugars, vanilla’s, and butters.  I wanted everyone to get an overview of the variation of flavors in these products so they can see how these differences can enhance their end product and hopefully [...]

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