Easter and Greek Easter Ideas

Easter and Greek Easter Ideas

Greek and “American” Easter are on the same date this year, Sunday, April 16.

I love Easter, it’s my favorite holiday because it means we’re heading into my favorite seasons, spring and summer. Growing up Greek had the bonus of getting two Easters most years, and more importantly, double candy.

I’ve provided two suggested menus based on recipes on dorothyeats. If you decide to follow one of these menus or mix and match based on recipes on my site shoot me an email and I’ll help you organize your cooking schedule. Entertaining is all about cooking ahead, the more you do ahead, the more you can actually participate in your party.


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Growing up in a wonderful family of farmers and cooks, I had no choice other than to become a chef. It’s this background that has shaped my career and my cooking philosophy which is Simple ingredients, beautifully prepared.

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