18 04, 2017

Baking Madness!

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Apparently I was in the mood to bake on Sunday! I didn't mean to crank out so much stuff, but that's what happens when you cook professionally for years. You start cooking and before you know it, you have enough food to open a cafe. It all started [...]

7 04, 2017

Easter and Greek Easter Ideas

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Greek and "American" Easter are on the same date this year, Sunday, April 16. I love Easter, it's my favorite holiday because it means we're heading into my favorite seasons, spring and summer. Growing up Greek had the bonus of getting two Easters most years, and more importantly, double candy. I've provided two [...]

15 11, 2016

Maple Oatmeal Barley Scones

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Of all the Ina Garten books my favorite is still her first book, The Barefoot Contessa, named after her former shop in Long Island. Bombar's was still in full swing when that book came out and two of the recipes from that book became two of my standards for Bombar's. Her Raspberry Corn Muffins [...]

29 10, 2016

Mom’s Apple Cake (Smitten Kitchen)

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When my father was alive, he used to come over for dinner about once a week. Dad loved to eat and loved a good home cooked meal so I always included something new and different at our dinners. He had a particular weakness for apple/cinnamon desserts, One of his favorites was a recipe very similar to this using sliced apples.

16 09, 2016

Apricot Ricotta Cake

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It’s clear in the pages of Cherry Bombe that women are particularly gifted with the entrepreneurial spirit. As crazy as it sounds, in the end it’s just easier to own your own than it is to fight the traditional kitchen hierarchy.