Mezzetta Announcement & Ricotta Lemon Mint Muffins

I recently had the good fortune to develop recipes for Mezzetta and they are now on the Mezzetta site! Keep an eye out for my post on Spaghetti Pie.  And if you like it spicy be sure to try the Utica Chicken Riggies. Click to see my Mezzetta recipes [...]

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5 Reasons I like Being Greek

1.     Almost no one has my exact name. In spite of the popularity of the Wizard of Oz while I grew up, almost no one was named Dorothy…and even fewer are named Dorothy Calimeris.  Calimeris is so uncommon that in the Bay Area the only Calimeris’s are my family.  Makes life less [...]

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Tomato Almond Feta Baklava

This recipe was sent out via the Greek family communication network (email) shortly before the holidays. In addition to having our own family newsletter that comes out twice a year, and a family reunion at the farm once a year, and the occasional cousins gatherings throughout the year, we have a Dimotakis family group [...]

Oakland Greek Festival

My father was involved with the church his entire life.  He started as an Altar Boy at the Greek Orthodox Church on Mission Street in San Francisco and finished as the Canter at the Ascension Cathedral in Oakland.  Dad went to seminary instead of college.  He was the first American born Greek from California to [...]

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How to Stuff a Grape Leaf

Inspirations from a Greek Family Farm What happens when you take a Greek family eating a classic Mediterranean diet and transport them to the abundant San Joaquin Valley? You get my family. In the early 1900’s my grandparents emigrated from Crete to California. They purchased 40 acres in Manteca, CA and [...]

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Lamb Filo with Orange Yogurt Sauce…Eatin’ Greek Chic!

I love to mess with traditional Greek ingredients updating the presentation to a more contemporary dish.  I call this Greek Chic (because it sort of rhymes and because you could also mispronounce it and call Greek Chick, which also works). We had some friends over for lunch on Sunday, and I felt like messing [...]

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Greek Cookies

Greek Cookies COMING SOON My mother was a fabulous baker and some of my favorite childhood memories are working with her in the kitchen shaping oodles and oodles of cookies for weddings and christenings.  I would grab the step stool and drag it by her side, scramble to the top seat and position myself [...]

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Ksadelfi Visit!

Bet you haven't heard that word before! That's Greek for (female) cousin and last week I invited a bunch of my cousins over, and as is typical, it's the girl cousins who came. I made kalitsunia (ricotta filled fried turnovers), butternut squash gratin, galactobouriko (custard filo dessert), kalouria (simple cookie), and cinnamon iced tea and my lovely [...]

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Eating Greek

My nieces came over for dinner yesterday.  It was dinner and Skype day, a way for us to all visit with Claire.  I always let them choose what they'd like to eat and they requested Greek, so this time I did an easy Greek family dinner.  The kind of dinner we had often growing [...]