Waffle Party

A couple times a year I get the girls together for a waffle party.  Typically I make the yeasted overnight waffles, which are absolutely the best!  I love them so much that I make them with my students once a semester and often have a batch of them cooked and ready in the freezer.  [...]

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Ksadelfi Visit!

Bet you haven't heard that word before! That's Greek for (female) cousin and last week I invited a bunch of my cousins over, and as is typical, it's the girl cousins who came. I made kalitsunia (ricotta filled fried turnovers), butternut squash gratin, galactobouriko (custard filo dessert), kalouria (simple cookie), and cinnamon iced tea and my lovely [...]

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Learn How to Enjoy Entertaining Part 2

On February 20th I introduced you to my latest cookbook project and I'd like to invite you to come along as I work my way through menu's.,my working title for the book is Entertain With Confidence...what do you think? Here are two more menu's that will appear in the book.  I welcome [...]

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